guilherme borsatto

Guilherme Borsatto was born at São Paulo, Brazil, in 1991. He graduated in Visual Arts at the Fine Arts University of São Paulo in 2019, and today he works at his studio in São Paulo. Having experienced, from a very young age, gender identity issues within a fragmented family, the artist explores the vulnerability present at the dynamic between memory and erasure, as he believes our fragilities to be enablers of collective experiences. His works tend to reappropriate discarded materials and are often developed in different languages such as painting, installation, ceramics and artist’s books. He participated in collective exhibitions such as Nosso Olhar É Caminho (2019) at MuBA, Últimos Dias (2020) at FONTE, 16th National Exhibition of Visual Arts in Guarulhos (2020) and Edital Meios e Processos 2020 at Fabrica de Arte Marcos Amaro. He is currently a member of Hermes Artes Visuais and Casa TATO 3.