workshop emily warner & emily roderick


emily warner & emily roderick


19:00 – 21:00

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Double Distraction

Working with performance, sound and live response, the workshop presents an opportunity to consider the potential of playful misrecognition, as a tool to foster collective joy and active resistance.

The workshop will be framed as a ‘laboratory’ type session, which encourages participants to consider the creative potential of multiplicity, and the advantages of redirecting attention across digital platforms, remote collaborations and the ‘instant now’.

Materials requested for participants:

The workshop will follow a flexible and responsive approach to working, utilising immediately available materials in a DIY manner. In order to engage with certain sections of the workshop participants will ideally have access to the following:

-headphones or earphones (required) -laptop or computer (required) -alternative light sources -hand held device such as phone or ipad -reflective surfaces -translucent materials -orange materials and objects (in the immediate vicinity) -paper or writing surface -pens or pencils



Limitation of 12 participants

Note: This workshop will be held in English.

© Emily Warner and Emily Roderick, Exxxtteeenssioon, Vivid Projects, 2019. Photographer: Marcin Sz

Emily and Emily create playful performance outputs that distract, connect and entangle both performer and audience. Motivated by performative misrecognition as a methodology for resistance, they create dynamic works that thrive on patterns of synchronicity. Their recent performance Exxxtteeenssioon was commissioned by VividProjects (UK) and performed at Art Licks ‘19 at South London Gallery.

Emily Roderick works across multiple collaborative pairings including Yoke Collective, The Dazzle Club and with Emily Warner. Amalgamating body and technology, Emily enjoys their clunky relationships and addictive entanglements. Playing with these combinations, picking apart technological processes and drawing on deep obsessions, Emily uses performance as an output where her newly formed relationships are played out. Originally from Warwickshire and currently based in London, Emily has shown work at Vivid Projects, LUVA Gallery, Tate Exchange and MK Gallery.

Emily Warner is an artist-performer and facilitator, prioritising process and collaboration to devise performative work that examines the interplay between body, movement and language. Recent projects include a digital collaboration with academics at Warwick University for Coventry City of Culture, and a performance-film commissioned by Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust. Based in Birmingham Emily has presented work at Eastside Projects, Ikon Gallery, Fierce Festival, and worked with organisations in Linz, Helsinki and Lisbon.