workshop andrea garcia vasquez


16:00 – 19:00 GMT / 17:00 – 20.00 Berlin

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Body Drawings Back In Touch

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours

This workshop is an attempt to break with individualist contemporary  human thought. It aims to broaden the comprehension that objects, plants, or even the wind could be an entity with a body as lively as ours and is significant to see in our daily experiences. Getting in touch is something we associate as an action between humans. However, we are living in an environmental crisis and have lost connection to our environment. Since Ecology is a hot topic in contemporary art, this workshop fittingly attempts to confront and culturally shift thoughts about how humans relate to and understand their environments and the bodies within them. The participants should be open to thinking beyond their own body and sensitively get in touch with other bodies in their surroundings.

Materials requested for participants:

  • Blank pages or a sketchbook.
  • Drawing utensils (pens, markers, crayons, charcoal, etc.)
  • A microphone and webcam 
  • Access to Zoom/internet.

Note: This workshop will be held in English.

Limitation of 25 participants


andrea garcia vasquez
Andrea Garcia Vasquez (born New Jersey, USA 1992) received her BFA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2014 and her Diploma (MFA) with honours in Media Art: Installation and Space from the Leipzig Art Academy in 2020. She currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Andrea Garcia Vasquez has had solo exhibitions in Beirut, Leipzig, and Berlin in addition to an array of group and two-person exhibitions around North America, Europe, and Asia. She currently teaches an after school textile arts class to middle school and high school students and also workshops of photography. She was recently published in Textur Magazine and ZaftyG Magazine and was granted the DENKZEIT stipend from the Sachsen Culture Foundation. She is currently on the executive board of Kombinat Association, Leipzig and MODS Artist Collective (Leipzig, Toronto, Barcelona).