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dr. sophie kelly


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Curating in the time of Covid-19

The pandemic has transformed the way we access museums, collections and exhibitions, whether as visitors, researchers or museum professionals. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the innovative solutions being created by museums around the world to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. From online exhibitions, to digital collections resources and public-facing research projects, we will explore how, in the face lockdowns and closures, museums are finding new opportunities to flourish in our online world. For those working in museums, the case studies discussed will provide ideas and inspiration for their own practice and the diverse ways in which they can open their collections to the public. Researchers and art practitioners will also come away with an understanding of how to conduct object research in the online museum world.

Recommended reading:

– Locked down not locked out – Assessing the digital response of museums to COVID-19, by Rebecca Kahn, in LSE Impact Blog, 8th May, 2020

– Mission to save London’s smallest museums: Curators on how independent museums are responding to the pandemic, by Susannah Butter, in GO LONDON newsletter, 6th May, 2020

Limited to 100 participants 
Please note: This webinar will be held in English.

Dr Sophie Kelly is a curator at the British Museum. She is a specialist in the art and culture of the Middle Ages, but her research interests range widely, encompassing book history, the history of collecting and the legacies of the Middle Ages in the modern day. After completing her PhD, Dr Kelly spent several years curating exhibitions at Canterbury Cathedral and the Royal Collection Trust. Her most recent exhibition at the British Museum explores the life, murder and legacy of Thomas Becket.