webinar jorge leal

jorge leal

18:00 - 19:30

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The Art Residency Experience

Departing from my personal experience as a visual artist and frequent attendee of art residencies, and my own research work about the history, models, and practices within these institutions, I’ll explore different concepts of arts residencies concerning the dichotomy between a site orientated project development (assembling visual, material and documental elements) and a pre-existing project moved to a place and executed there. 

The idea of open-endedness will be addressed to think about the possibility of non -completion of the project during the residency. This is a key issue for assessing time management during the residency, and the usefulness of creating experimental and unfinished work, allowing the possibility for future development. 

Using different art residency programs (historical, institutional, and informal), I’ll compare how artists related to and are relating with those different programs, and how to take advantage of a self-managed artist residency project, away from proposals within the arts ecosystem.

It is intended that, during the webinar, participants will be able to: 

-know different art residency programs and their historical contexts; 

-perceived art residency as a momentum of intimacy with the site; 

- ponder on the working process during an art residency; 

- understand the experience of working in an unfamiliar context;  

- comprehend the period spent in an art residency as research; 

- clarify possible strategies towards finding results during the residency;

- have tools to measure the value of going through an art residency;

- know how to think of an art residency project as a reaction to a specific place.

Limitation: 30 participants 
Please note: this webinar will be lectured in portuguese.

Jorge Leal (1975) is a Lisbon based artist, from Lisbon. In 2000, he graduated in Architecture from University of Coimbra (Portugal). Between 2002 and 2004 studied Drawing and Painting at Ar.Co. School of Arts (Portugal), and in 2017 completed his drawing PhD entitled “Traces of drawing in painting: the transformative line” in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. 

He is now developing his postdoctoral research in drawing, also at the same faculty, on the topic “The presence of Chinese ink and Sino-Japanese brushes in drawing: Europe in the transition between the 19th and 20th centuries”. Since 2005, Jorge Leal has consistently shown his work in several institutions and private galleries. His work is part of the MAAT art collection, Fernando Figueiredo Ribeiro collection, and other private art collections in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, England, and Germany. Since 2012, his work focuses on a practical and theoretical research approach to drawing, questioning its elements, as well as the integration of writing in drawings. 

Regularly, develops artistic work in arts residencies, challenging himself into new physical and cultural contexts. Keeping a graphic journal is an essential part of his work. This could be easily proved by more than 180 sketchbooks he keeps in his studio, constantly being featured in his shows.

Website: jorge leal