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Instagram TakeOver – Online Artistic Residency

Instagram TakeOver is an online residency run by SUPERSONIC project. Our aim is to provide open space for research and experimentation for artists who want to develop their practice online. This virtual artist residency is open to any artist who wants to understand how Instagram can be used as an artistic tool, a valid space for arts exhibition and a platform for discussion, public engagement, and critique of social and cultural issues.

Applicants may apply either with a specific project or with a specific area of research in advance of writing or creating a work of art, on which they would like to work during the residency.

SUPERSONIC will offer two bursaries of 300 euros each and assistance during the two weeks of the residency. Both winners will be responsible for creating an effective online presence that can contribute to social engagement. Artists are not required to create and present a finished piece of work; however, they must provide regular content for the SUPERSONIC Instagram. For example, artists are welcome to share their creative process instead.

SUPERSONIC is a project that offers alternative cultural activities, existing in digital format through our website and social media platforms. Our public program reinforces the artistic community of Lisbon while creating a broader international network, through open calls, online residency programs, interviews, exhibitions, and free activities such as workshops and webinars.

In a time when physical distance redefines our relationship with the world, SUPERSONIC embraces the concept of velocity, speed, and instant presence beyond the physical distance.

SUPERSONIC is supported by the Lisbon City Council, through the FES program - Social Emergency Fund.

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