Ci.CLO – Virgilio Ferreira




The SUPERSONIC team traveled to Porto to meet Virgílio Ferreira, CI.CLO's artistic director. We learned more about the importance of collaborations and relationships with the community, and about the open calls and programs created through this “laboratory of ideas'' structure.

- Ci.CLO is an independent research and creation structure in the field of photography and its interaction with other artistic, environmental and social disciplines. Ci.CLO offers a space for rehearsal and experimentation dedicated to creation, with artistic residencies, workshops, seminars, book publishing, production of exhibitions with curatorial support, diffusion and debate. The creation and exhibition projects developed by Ci.CLO support innovative approaches to visual representation that contribute to a greater critical awareness of the ecological and social vulnerabilities that we face. Since 2019, Ci.CLO has been responsible for the organization, production and curation of the  Bienal Fotografia do Porto.